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Dexter Academy
26 Sep 2018



Which of the following state has top average monthly income as per NAFIS?

World Mosquito day observed on?

Who won the women’s singles in Cincinnati masters 2018 Tennis title?

Who won the men’s Cincinnati masters 2018 Tennist title?

Which of the following Anti tank guided missile of India test fired recently from Army helicopter?

According to a report by Nomura, India’s Current Account Deficit (CAD) is expected to widen to _______% of the GDP in FY19?

_______ World Photography day is celebrated on?

Which of the following country’s current account surplus will remain the world largest in 2018?

Which of the following country with the largest current account deficit in 2018?

Bandavgarh National park is in which state?

Which of the following government launches disaster Response Force (DRF) vehicles?

Esala Maha Perehera festival celebrated iin which country?

Who has been awarded the WHO world no Tobacco day 2018 award?

_______ world humanitarian day to be observed on August 19th 2018?

Who has been awarded as US ‘Legion of Merit” 2018?

Which of the following country has created world’s most wear – resistant metal alloy?

Who has been appointed as Independent director of India bulls housing finance?

Which of the following government to have 3 awards after former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee?

All India financial inclusion survey (NAFIS)released by which of the following Institution?

2018 SAFF U – 15 women championship held in which country?

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