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Dexter Academy
31 Jan 2018

History English[Marathas ]


The Marathas were people who lived in

Find out the wrong statement

Shivaji was born in

Shivaji conquered the forts of purandhar, Raigarh, Torna and kalyan from the sultan of Bijapur in

To subdue shivaji, the sultan of Bijapur deputed

In 1660, who was sent by Aurangazeb to check the activities of shivaji

Treaty of purandhar was signed in

Treaty of Purandhar was signed between

Who was called as MountainRat, Deccan ulce

Shivaji assumed the title of chatrapati in

Find out the correct statement

The Minister council of shivaji was called

How minister in the Ashtrapadhan?

During shivaji period, chauth and sardeshmuki were

The territory under shivaji was known as

Match the following

Find out the correct pair?

Find out the wrong statement

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